Maritime Football League
Bulletin Board

2006 MFL AGM 
February 11, 2006
Moncton, N.B.
Meeting Minutes

1:17 Call to order by Deputy Commissioner John Bent 

Certification of voters 

Bob Giffard Riverview Mustangs
Dave Jones- Dartmouth Knights
Colin Stewart- PEI Privateers
Wayne Tipper- Saint John Wanderers
Dave Dehmel- Halifax Shockers
Pat Parent- Saint John  Longhorns
Jeff Taylor- Capital Area Gladiators
Mike Upward- UNBSJ Seadogs
Andrew Sharpe- Moncton Marshals 

Motion to adopt the agenda Tipper
Sec Jeff Taylor
Unanimously  approved. 

Colin Stewart for Commissioner nominated by Marshals
Sec Seadogs
Accepted by Colin Stewart
Colin Stewart elected commissioner of the MFL. 

Motion to allow John Bent to break any ties until a PEI rep can be at the meeting
By Dave Jones
Seconded by Seadogs
Unanimously approved 

Motion to empower the commissioner to contact other senior leagues with the intent of opening a dialogue.
Motion Seadogs
Sec Wanderers
Unanimously approved 

Motion to leave the conference structure intact
Motioned Mustangs
Sec Fredericton
Unanimously approved 

Motion to push back any expansion to 2007 AGM
Motion Dartmouth Knights
Sec Wanderers
Unanimously approved 

Motion that all 9 teams pay a league deposit of $3000 to the MFL
Sec Wanderers
Unanimously approved 

Motion to allow teams within the same area to make their own arrangements with regard to player distribution.
Sec Shockers
Unanimously approved 

Motion that the league seek to establish a code of conduct.
Motion Knights
Sec Halifax
Unanimously approved 

Motion that any new teams use uniforms that do not conflict with the uniforms of any existing teams.
Motioned Mustangs
Sec Longhorns
Unanimously approved 

Motion that Jeff Reath draft a constitution to be reviewed by the executive for possible ratification by the 9 teams of the league.
Sec Shockers 

Motion to remove the have to pass rule.
Sec Dartmouth
Motion failed 3-5 

Motion that at the beginning of the 4th quarter that if there is a 30 point difference that mercy rule implemented automatically.
Sec Wanderers 

Motion to remove the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for celebration after a big play
Sec Dartmouth
Motion failed 2-6 

Motion that the schedule be completed by Feb 28

Bob Giffard nominated for Secretary/Treasurer of the MFL by Halifax
Sec by Dartmouth
Nomination accepted
Bob Giffard elected secretary/treasurer of the MFL