Maritime Football League
Bulletin Board

2007 MFL AGM Minutes
Technologies- 260 MacNaugton Ave.
Moncton, N.B.
February 10, 2007 – 10:00 am  

1. Call to order

10:03 – Organization of voting members and clarification of speaking procedure, only team reps may speak at the meeting, rearrangement of seating

2. Welcome by the Commissioner

Colin Stewart welcomes all team reps, and members of the executive.

3. Introductions

Introduction of executive and voting members

Colin Stewart - Commissioner

Dave Dehmel –president of the EFC

Terry Mcintyre – president of the NBFC

Bob Giffard – Secretary MFL

10:05 - Motion to allow Dave Dehmel to represent the Shockers as well as act as president of the EFC
Mike Upward, Jeff Taylor, passed unanimously

4. Certification of Voters


Dave Jones – Knights

Jeff Reath – Mustangs

Derrick Brien – Longhorns

Dan Fougere – Marshals

Jeff Taylor – Gladiators

Mike Upward – Wolves

Mark Gallagher – Wanderers

Gary Mancuso – PEI Privateers

Dave Dehmel – Shockers

5. Agenda

10:13 – Additions to the agenda

10:14 – Motion to adopt the agenda Reath, Dehmel, passed unanimously

6. Executive Reports

10:17 – Review of the 2006 minutes

10:22 – Executive Reports

Referee’s fees are discussed as a budget item from 2006, the $20 per meal fee is questioned, no motions are made.

10:34 - Motion to approve the Executive reports – Fougere, Gallagher approved unanimously

7. Team Reports

10:48 - Team reports

11:08 – Motion to approve the team reports Dehmel, O’Brien approved unanimously

11:10 – Break

8. League Restructuring Proposal

Proposal for Restructuring the MFL

11:24 – league restructuring proposal

12:21 – Motion to adopt 8 game regular season, Taylor, Jones approved unanimously

12:33 – Motion to have a jamboree on May 26th Taylor, Jones approved unanimously

12:34 – Motion that the season will begin the week following the jamboree and end no later than August 15th, Reath, Dehmel approved unanimously

*12:37 – Motion to add Article 2, section h to the MFL constitution (whether or not we will be having one champion or 2 at the end of the regular season)

(h) To declare two champions at the end of the playing season. Based on season results there will be a Competitive Tier I Championship Round and a Developmental Tier II Championship Round.

Reath, Upward motion carried 6 to 3

*12:47 – Motion to change Article 1, section 2 of the constitution to "For governance purposes only" the MFL shall consist of 2 zones known as conferences:

-NBFC New Brunswick Football Conference consisting of teams from New Brunswick

-EFC Eastern Football Conference consisting of teams located in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

The rest of Section 2 remains unchanged,

Reath, Fougere approved unanimously

12:52 – Motion to change Article VIII of the constitution, section 1 and 2 as follows:

Section 1. - The presence of the majority (50% plus 1) of the MFL teams in good standing is necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of MFL business.

Section 2. - For clarity; no rules may be changed, amended or altered during the season or during playoffs. All policies and procedures and By-Laws may be changed. These items may be changed with a simple majority (50% +1) of the valid quorum as per Section 1.

Reath, Taylor approved unanimously


9. Lunch Break

12:55 – Lunch Break

10. Formation of a Planning Committee

2:27 – call to order

2:50 – Motion to examine the concept of having a 3 event weekend (Maritime Saturday), and that the examination conclude one month from today. February 10th Jones, Reath approved 8 – 1

3:13 – Motion to accept the new awards format as per the restructuring proposal and ask the proposed planning committee to work out the details – Fougere, Jones approved unanimously

3:15 – Motion to form an ad hoc planning committee for the 2007 season as instructed by the league council. .Fougere, Reath approved unanimously

Terry McIntyre will serve as the committee chair

Jeff Reath and Dougie MacPhee will serve on the committee

Other Members will be added from Nova Scotia and PEI

11. Formation of a Marketing Committee

3:26 – Motion to form an ad hoc marketing committee for the 2007 season as instructed by the league council. Taylor, Dehmel approved unanimously

3:41 – Motion that both the Planning and Marketing committees report back to the league executive with suggested terms of reference for the executive’s approval. Mancuso, Gallagher. approved unanimously

Scott Eatmon will chair the committee

Dave Jones, Doug MacPhee will serve on the committee

12. Other Business

4:20 – Motion to allow the league executive to continue examining the possibility of playing an eastern Canadian championships Gallagher, Upward approved unanimously

5:02 – Any changes in game time must be communicated and agreed too 24 hours before the game’s originally scheduled time. Reath, Dehmel approved unanimously (Fredericton absent from voting)

13. Constitutional Amendments, Changes to the By-Laws and Special Rules

5:28 – Motion to amend the league by-laws to section 3 b to read as follows:

(b) Unsportsmanlike conduct or violation of the Code of Ethics on the part of any team, team official or any individual player will be dealt with by a Discipline Committee composed of the Commissioner and the two Conference Presidents. The offending person or persons may be subject to suspension. Each team shall be held responsible for the conduct of its players and its staff, whether individually or collectively. The Discipline Committee may, if they deem it beneficial to the MFL suspend any team personnel. All decisions of the Discipline Committee can be appealed to the League Council. Any team personnel ejected from a game will be automatically suspended for the following game. Any appeals of such suspensions must be submitted to the Commissioner no later than noon on the Monday following the game.

Reath, Mancuso approved unanimously (Fredericton absent from voting)

5:30 Motion to amend section 4 g of the league by laws to read as follows:

h. Any team losing a regular season game in overtime will be awarded one point.

Mancuso, Gallagher approved unanimously (Fredericton absent from voting)

5:33 - Motion to amend section 4 g ii to read as follows

Least points allowed versus common opponents.

Dehmel, Upward approved unanimously (Fredericton absent from voting)

5:56 – Motion to eliminate the have to pass rule

Reath, Dehmel approved unanimously (Fredericton absent from voting)

6:15 - Motion to remove the overwhelm by one section of the blitz rule Upward, Jones passed 5 to 3

6:17 Motion to change special rule 11 to:

Harsh marks will be used to spot the ball where available, if they are not available we will use the goal posts

Dehmel, Jones approved unanimously (Fredericton absent from voting)

14. Election of 2007 Executive

Bob Giffard accepted as Secretary

Terry McIntyre accepted as NBFC president

Dave Dehmel accepted as EFC president

Colin Stewart accepted as MFL Commissioner

note: all executive reoffered and ran unopposed

15. Proposed Budget for 2007, Setting of Team Deposits

6:41 Motion to add to By-Law 1, league dues as follows:

All team fees are due June 1st

Reath, Dehmel, approved unanimously (Fredericton absent from voting)

6:58 Motion that all league expenses are split equally between the teams with the exception of insurance and registration fees which are charged on a per capita basis.

Reath, Dehmel approved unanimously (Fredericton absent from voting)

7:02 Motion to set the team deposit at $3000 for the 2007 season

Reath, Dehmel approved unanimously (Fredericton absent from voting)

7:12 The Marketing Committee has been asked to review the awards presented

16. Schedule for 2007

7:24 Schedule requests must be submitted to Dave Dehmel by 7:00pm February 14th, 2007.

17. Adjournment

7:30 Meeting adjourned.

*constitutional amendments require 2/3 majority to pass