Maritime Football League
Bulletin Board

2008 MFL AGM Minutes
Skywire Technologies- 260 MacNaughton Ave.
Moncton, N.B.
February 23, 2008 – 10:00 am,

  1. Call to order 10:43 – Colin Stewart
  2. Welcome by the Commissioner
  3. Introductions

Arrangement of seating for team reps 10:44

Introduction and voter certification 10:45

  1. Certification of Voters:

Dave Jones – Dartmouth Knights

Dave Grandy – SJ Wanderers

Reese Roach – SJ Longhorns

Bob Cote – SJ Wolves

Adam Chaloner – PEI Privateers

Jeff Taylor – Capital Area Gladiators

Andrew Sharpe – Moncton Marshals

Jeff Reath – Riverview Mustangs

Travis – Halifax Shockers  

5. Additions to the agenda  

Motion to move item 12 of the agenda to item 8 – Jeff Taylor, sec Dave Dehmel

Approved unanimously  

Motion to have Mark Crandall present a marketing plan to the board after lunch Jeff Reath, sec Dave Grandy  

Voting procedure clarification - 10:50

Clarification- in the event of a tie the Commissioner will vote to break the tie.  

Motion to adopt the agenda Jeff Taylor, Reese Roach – 10:52

Approved unanimously  

  1. Executive Reports

A. Motion to Approve the 2007 Minutes Jeff Reath, Jeff Taylor – 10:55

Approved unanimously

B. Commissioner – 10:57

C. Treasurer - 10:58 Motion to Approve the 2007 Budger Andrew Sharpe, Adam Chaloner

Approved unanimously

D. President EFC – 11:03

E. President NBFC – 11:07

F. Official’s Liaison – 11 :09  

  1. Team Reports – 11:34

Motion to accept all team and executive reports Jeff Reath, Jeff Taylor

Approved unanimously  

  1. Expansion

Presentation from proposed Super City team rep Jerome, asking the league to accept a deposit from the team at the end of April, Peddlers Pub is a potential sponsor, addressed rumors of players who owe money to other teams are on his potential roster,

Motion to accept the new “ Super City ” team’s proposal Jeff Reath, Travis

Motion carried. 12:10

  1. Examining changes from 2007

  2. Game day roster cap

Motion to apply a game day roster cap of 38 players dressed Dave Jones, Andrew Sharpe

Motion Defeated 1:39

Jeff Reath will present a proposal for roster tracking within 2 weeks.

Motion to have the league play for lunch Jeff Taylor, Jeff Reath

Motion passed – 2:10

Mark Crandall’s marketing presentation to the league

Motion to appoint Mark Crandall as chairman on the marketing committee for 2008 season Jeff Reath, Adam Chaloner 2:49

  1. Regional Draft
  2. Eastern Canadian Championship

Motion to have the marketing committee pursue a Pro Bowl game August 16th in Halifax – 3:10 Jeff Reath, Adam Chaloner

Approved unanimously

  1. Other business, code of conduct signatures, visor list, league website, game day manager

Motion to institute a $75 fine for violation of league by-laws on a per case basis at the discretion the league executive Jeff Reath, Travis

Approved unanimously 3:38

  1. Constitutional amendments

Motion to extend the length of a quarter to 15 minutes, Jeff Reath, Reece Roach

Approved unanimously 4:14

Motion to move to 12 man football starting in 2009 Jeff Taylor, Dave Grandy

Approved unanimously 4:46

Motion to amend remove the special blitz rule Jeff Reath, Dave Grandy

Motion failed 4:52

Motion to insert a least points allowed head to head as the second clause in the tie breaker rule Jeff Reath, Jeff Taylor 5:03

Approved unanimously

  1. Election of 2008 League Executive

Dave Jones Deputy Commissioner of Nova Scotia Conference

Terry McIntyre Deputy Commissioner of New Brunswick Conference

Jeff Reath MFL Secretary

Darcy Barker is the Commissioner of the MFL  

  1. Budget and Fees

Motion to eliminate the medals from the budget Reese Roach, Adam Chaloner

Motion passed, Mustangs abstain 5:29

Motion to allocate the Eastern Canadian Championship Budget to the MFL All Star Game, Jeff Taylor, Jeff Reath 5:34

Approved unanimously

Motion to remove insurance costs from the 2008 budget and set the team fee at $2500 payable by June 1st Jeff Reath, Andrew Sharpe

Motion Passed  5:45

Motion that all MFL players must provide proof of insurance prior to the start of the Jamboree Jeff Reath, Adam Chaloner 6:04

Approved unanimously

  1. 2008 Schedule will be created by Darcy Barker, special requests must be submitted by March 1st, the first draft will be produced by March 8th
  2. Motion to adjourn the meeting Adam Chaloner, Jeff Taylor

Approved unanimously 6:15

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