Maritime Football League
Bulletin Board

2009 MFL AGM Minutes
Mount Allison University Athletic Centre
Sackville, N.B.
February 21, 2009 – 10:00 am  

10:50 – Meeting called to order – Darcy Barker  

1.      Certification of voters

Ψ      Eric Sabean – Longhorns

Ψ      Richard Barry – Dartmouth

Ψ      Andrew Sharpe /Bob Prosser – Marshals

Ψ      Rob Weir – Mustangs

Ψ      Bob Cote – Wolves

Ψ      Jerome Sparks – MG

Ψ      Blair Ryan – Shockers

Ψ      Jeff Taylor – Glads

Ψ      Chris Mutch

Ψ      Doug McPhee

Motion to accept the agenda – Jeff  Taylor 2nd Chris Mutch


2.       Review of 2008 AGM minutes – 11:00

a.       Andrew Sharpe – Motion

b.      Jeff Taylor – 2nd

c.       Passed Unanimous

3.       Commissioners Report  - 11:03

4.       Treasurers Report – 11:07

a.       Motion to approve – Rob Weir

b.      Chris Mutch 2nd

c.       Approved – Unanimous

5.       EFC Report – Dave Dehmel not in attendance. 11:10

6.       Officials Report moved to 1pm

7.       Team Reports 11:15

a.       Wanderers

b.      Mustangs

c.       Knights

d.      Shockers

e.      Gladiators

f.        Longhorns

g.       Marshals

h.      Privateers

i.        Wolves

j.        Mean Green

Motion to accept Team Reports – Rob Weir Mustangs – Andrew Sharpe Mustangs – Unanimous

8.       League Restructuring – 11:30    Proposal for Realigment

a.       Discussed 3 different options.

                                                              i.      Status Quo

                                                            ii.      East/West

                                                          iii.      Tiering

1.       12 Man

2.       10 Man

b.      Motion: The MFL as it exists, is a 12 man league. If a team has less than 25 dressed players  on game day, the game will played under 10 man rules.

                                                              i.      Rob Weir /Jeff Taylor

                                                            ii.      Motion Passed – 9 to 1

c.       Motion: Accept East/West alignment as proposed

                                                              i.      Eric Sabean / Bob Cote

                                                            ii.      Motion passed – 9 to 1

d.      Motion: To accept 6 regular season games  + 3 week playoff structure, as stated in Jeff Taylor’s proposal

                                                              i.      Jerome Sparks /Jeff Taylor

                                                            ii.      Motion defeated 6-4

e.      Motion: To have May 30th as an exhibition weekend and continue with the 6 game regular season and 3 week playoff structure, as stated in Jeff Taylor’s proposal.

                                                              i.      Chris Mutch/ Eric Sabean

                                                            ii.      Motion passed 7-3

9.       Roster Caps

a.       Motion to vote on Roster Cap Proposal – Jeff Taylor /Chris Mutch Motion defeated – 6-4  

10.   Officials Report – Bill Pickrell

11.   Annual All Star Game

a.       Motion:  2009 All Star Game to be hosted by the Privateers on August 15th in Charlottetown

b.      Rob Weir/Jeff Taylor

c.       Unanimous

12.   Suspension Appeal Proposal

a.       Motion: To modify the league by-law in Section 3 point ‘b’. An individual intending to file an appeal to a suspension has until Monday at Noon and has until Tuesday at Noon to provide the evidence.

b.      Jeff Taylor/Richard Barry

c.       Unanimous

13.   Game Day Roster Exchange Proposal

a.       Motion:  To add to Section 3 point c – A Game Day meeting between head official and head coaches to exchange game day rosters as well as providing a copy to the officials.

b.      Eric Sabean /Chris Mutch

c.       7 – 2 – Wanderers Abstained

14.   Forfeiture Proposal

a.       Motion: An addition to By Law Section 3 point m: Any team forfeiting a game will be charged 1 point in the standings and the game score will be recorded as 28-0 and the team awarded the forfeit will be awarded the appropriate points. (4 or 2)

b.      Terry McIntyre /Jeff Taylor

c.       Unanimous

15.   Insurance, League Registration Form

a.       Motion: To accept the All Sport Insurance as proposed

b.      Terry McIntyre /Doug McPhee

c.       Unanimous

16.   Election of 2009 Executive

a.       Commissioner 

                                                              i.      Darcy Barker

                                                            ii.      Acclaimed.

b.      NBFC

                                                              i.      Doug McPhee

                                                            ii.      Acclaimed.

c.       EFC

                                                              i.      Dave Dehmel

                                                            ii.      Acclaimed.

d.      Secretary/Treasurer

                                                              i.      Terry McIntyre

                                                            ii.      Acclaimed.

17.   Proposed 2009 Budget

a.       Motion: To approve 2009 Budget

b.      Eric Sabean /Bob Prosser

c.       Unanimous

18.   Team Deposit   

a.       Motion: To set team deposit @ $3,800

b.      Jeff Taylor/Rob Weir

c.       Unanimous

19.   2009 Schedule

a.       Motion: Request for schedule items  need to be submitted to the Commissioner by February 25th

b.      Jeff Taylor/Richard Barry

c.       Unanimous

20.   Adjournment

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