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2011 MFL AGM Minutes
Oracle Technologies- 260 MacNaughton Ave.
Moncton, N.B.
February 5, 2011 – 10:00 am,


Meeting called to order at 10 am by Commissioner Eric Sabean.

Certification of voters:

Knights-Richard Barry-RB
Shockers-Blair Ryan-BR
Privateers-Chris Mutch-CM
Mustangs-Bob Giffard-BG
Wanderers-Justin Robichaud-JR
Gladiators-Jeff Taylor-JT

Moved by JT, seconded by CM to certify the 6 voters above. Motion carried.

Motion to adopt agenda JT, seconded by BR. Motion carried.

Motion to approve the minutes from 2010 AGM. Moved by JT, seconded by RB. Motion carried.  

Executive Reports:

Commissioner’s report by Eric Sabean:  More parity in a smaller league. Average score in 2009 was 31-9. In 2010 it was 29-11. Less shutouts in 2010. Caliber of play was better, more exciting games. League image is a work in process. In particular we need to work on improving the league image in Halifax-Dartmouth. Also need to improve our relationship with Football N.S..

Financial report by Secretary-Treasurer Terry McIntyre: League has close to $5,000 in its bank account.

EFC Report by Blair Ryan: Very pleased at how much parity there is in the league.

NBFC Report by Jeff Taylor: Games between N.B. teams will be on Friday night in 2011.

Officials Liaison Report by John Brenton: Less ejections from games than in 2009. However lack of respect for officials by some players and coaches is still a problem. Also some officials do not understand the blitz rule. There is a need for clarification. It is recommended that the league ask the officials to supply a uniformed paid official to time games. A visible clock at all games is highly desirable. The league needs to receive a weekly report of penalties assessed to players and coaches that reflect bad behaviour.

The league needs to deal with the excessive use of profane language.

Motion by BG, seconded by CM:

The MFL League Council will e-mail the officials in all three provinces asking them to penalize the use of profane language that is detrimental to the league image. All six team head coaches will signify their support of this directive.

Motion carried.

Motion by BG, seconded by BR:

For all playoff games every effort should be made to have two officials from the visiting team's provincial association as part of the officiating crew.

Motion carried.

Motion by JT, seconded by BG:

The league asks that the officials association in each province provide a uniformed paid off field timer for all league games.

Motion carried.

Motion to accept all executive reports by BR, seconded by RB.

Motion carried.

Team Reports:

Privateers: Creation of team at Holland College has spurred more interest in the game in PEI. Privateers expect to benefit from this. New 6 aside Bantam league started. Privateers players ran one of the teams. Privateers will also take over the Colonels team in the PEI Tackle Football League. Expecting Molsen to become a major sponsor.

Gladiators: Are reorganizing with a more serious approach in order to be more competitive. Expect to have several off field coaches this year.

Shockers: Playing at Wanderers Grounds this year. Will announce name of new head coach in the near future. Blair Ryan has been asked to take a position on the executive of Football Nova Scotia. Team received a grant from Sport Nova Scotia to buy new helmets.

Knights: Chris Antsey returning as head coach. Status quo.

Mustangs: Status quo.

Wanderers: Mark Gallagher returning as head coach. Hoping to play Portland team on Victoria Day weekend. Plan to play home games at UNBSJ.

Motion to accept all team reports by CM, seconded by JT.

Motion carried.

Motion by BG to sign up with Point Streak to develop a new MFL website. Seconded by JT.

Motion carried.

Motion to create a committee to study possible revisions to rules and regulations for admission of new teams into the league.

Committee members: Terry Allen, Bob Giffard, Blair Ryan 

Motion by BG, seconded by Blair Ryan.

Motion carried.

Motion by JT, seconded by JR to add new by-law 3.o:

o. All players on a team must wear the same colour game socks. The only other option is bare legs. Any player in violation 
    of this rule will be sent off the field until the problem is corrected. The game will not be delayed.

Motion carried.

Motion by CM, seconded by RB to add new by-law 3.p:

p. All game jerseys are to be tucked in. Any player in violation of this rule will be sent off the field until the problem is  
    corrected. The game will not be delayed.

Motion carried.

Motion by JT, seconded by BR to add to by-law 4.c:

c.      The home team shall furnish chain crews, chains and sideline markers. The visiting team has the right to
      place one (1) member of its organization on the chain crew if it desires. The visiting team however, must 
      notify the home team of such decision at least fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled game time. 
     All members of the stick crew must be at least 13 years old.

Motion carried.

Motion by BG  to delete the all-star game from the 2011 schedule. Seconded by RB.

Motion carried.

Motion to delete the Blitz Rule by RB, seconded by Blair Ryan.

Motion defeated 4-2.

Motion to modify the Blitz Rule as follows:


       Defensive players may blitz from any depth inside "The Box"Players outside "The Box" are not allowed to blitz. There is no limitation on the number of players allowed to blitz.
A player is considered to be inside "The Box" if their inside foot is in line with or inside of the outside foot of the outermost interior down offensive lineman (C, G, T, TE).
There is no restriction on where defensive players can line up. This rule does NOT apply to special teams. This rule does NOT apply to plays inside the defensive 5 yard line.
If this rule is violated the defence will be penalized 5 yards for "illegal defence". 

Note: The purpose of this rule is to protect a quarterback attempting to pass from within the pocket 

Motion carried.

Motion by BG for the league to rebate PEI $400 at the end of the season in recognition of their higher travel costs over the bridge, provided that they are in good standing with the league.

Seconded by JR.

Motion carried.

2011 Executive same as 2010. All previous members reoffered and no nominations from the floor.

Motion by BG, seconded by JT to accept the 2011 league budget as presented by Secretary-Treasurer Terry McIntyre.

Motion carried.

Motion to set team deposits at $3,800 for 2011 season.

Motion by JT seconded by R Barry.

Motion carried.  

Motion by BG to accept 2011 schedule as proposed by Jeff Taylor. Seconded by JR.

Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 5 pm. Motion by BG, seconded by RB.

Motion carried.

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