Maritime Football League
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2012 MFL AGM Minutes
Skywire Technologies- 260 MacNaughton Ave.
Moncton, N.B.
February 4, 2012 – 10:30 am,


Meeting called to order at 10:30 am by Commissioner Eric Sabean.  

Certification of Voters:

Moncton Mustangs: Bob Giffard – BG

Captial Area Gladiators: Jamies Edwards – JE

Halifax Shockers: Travis Lobban – TL

St. John Wanderers: Anthony Capson – AC

P.E.I. Privateers: Chris Mutch – CM

Moved by CM, seconded by TL to certify the 5 voters above. Motion carried.  

Dartmouth – not in good standing with MFL due to $1,800 of unpaid league fees.

Dartmouth is no longer in the league.  

P.E.I. – Not In Good Standing with the MFL following 2 forfeits in 2011 costing them a $500 fine per game.

Motion to reinstate Privateers by BG, seconded by TL. Motion carried. P.E.I. will be required to pay Moncton $500 for the forfeit to them by the beginning of the season.

Motion to waive $500 fine to the league for forfeited game against Dartmouth by TL, seconded by AC. Motion carried.  

Motion to adopt the agenda by TL, seconded by BG. Motion carried.  

Executive Reports:

Motion to approve minutes from 2011 AGM by BG, seconded by TL. Motion carries.

Commissioner’s report by Eric Sabean: League image is improving. Unsportsmanlike conduct is continuing to be enforced by the officials. Suspensions are down which means improved conduct. Communication must be better on all fronts. Specifically to officials on schedule changes an to the fans for both scheduling changes and venue changes. Website needs to be used more effectively to convey these changes. The MFL needs to P.E.I. in order to grow the league and the sport. The league will learn from last seasons mistakes and will make sure to enforce roster rules. Last years great championship was tarnished due to lack of enforcement in these rules. Would like to encourage the league to start looking for a replacement  as this will be his last year on the executive if re-elected; preferably someone without any ties to any particular team.

Financial report by Secretary-Treasurer Terry McIntyre: League has close to $5000 in its bank account.

EFC report by Blair Ryan: Having a new champion is good for the league. Relationship is growing with Football Nova Scotia. MFL will have a better presence on the Football Nova Scotia website. Football Nova Scotia will also allow EFC to use 50/50 devices at home games.

No reports from NBFC as Jeff Taylor was not in attendance.

Officials Liaison report by John Brenton: Post game celebrations need to end to help league image. Would like to continue mixed officiating crew for playoffs. Officials will continue to be held accountable for the way certain incidents are handled. League must discipline coaches for altercations with officials.

Any officiating issues are to be brought to the attention of the executive committee.

Motion to approve Executive Reports by BG, seconded by TL. Motion carries.  

Team Reports

St. John Wanderers: Working on image and funding. Team is currently in the red but have brought in a marketing firm to help.

Capital Area Gladiators: Great relationship with UNB Red Bombers. Good recruiting. Needs better marketing.

Halifax Shockers: Blair has stepped down as Head Coach. AJ will replace him. Big recruitment push. Working on relationship with Dalhousie Tigers.

Moncton Mustangs: Rob has stepped down as head coach. Brian will replace him. New Defensive Coordinator. Looking for other coaches too. Financially good. Thanks to the league for due diligence in regards to the Dartmouth issue.

P.E.I. Privateers: Head coach is returning. Getting a big push from the varsity league. Concern with Holland College is no longer an issue. Installed both bantam and varsity Privateer programs for long term development. Privateers will also pay all necessary fines.

Motion to approve all team reports by TL, seconded by BG. Motion carries.  

2011 Championship Status

Dartmouth was not presented with the trophy or banner.

MFL will not recognize Dartmouth Knights as champions based on not being in good standing with the league due to $1,800 of unpaid league fees. Motioned by AC, seconded by CM. Four in favor, 1 abstention. Motion carries.  

MFL Sponsorship

Motion to approve deal in principle with Mark Crandall and allow the league executive committee work out the deal and report back to the league by TL, seconded by CM. Four in favor, one abstained. Motion carries.  

Player Registration/Payment Tracking

Bob Giffard will make changes to current registration website. This will allow league to see who dressed for which games or was on injured reserve. This will help regulate which players are eligible to play in playoffs. Team administrators will have ability to make changes to roster as well.

Rosters will be locked at midnight Thursday. Updated roster of who played in a game must be sent to the league no later than Monday at Noon. If this is not done the league council will be informed.

1st offense - $100 fine

2nd offense – Game will not be counted as a game played for player in accordance to playoff eligibility.

Motion to approve player registration/player tracking by TL, seconded by BG. Motion carries.  

Player Eligibility: Eligibility of Dartmouth players for 2012 season

Any Dartmouth Knight player that was on the 2011 roster wanting to play for another team must pay a reinstatement fee of $100 in cash to the league via Blair Ryan. Any exceptions will be approved by the league executive. Motioned by TL, seconded by BG. Motion carries.  

MFL Website

The league will pay $500 to Dwayne Ells for operation and maintenance of the website. This includes any changes to score, standings, schedule and venues as well as both a Facebook and a Twitter feed.

Motioned by JE, seconded by CM. Motion carries.  

10/12 Man

Changes to the special rule:

All games will be played 10-man aside unless agreed upon by both coaches. Motioned by CM, seconded by TL. Three votes for, two votes against. Motion carries.  

Playing Surfaces

This will be reported back by Halifax at a later date.  

CFL Raffle

Bob Giffard and Terry McIntyre will work out a formula and a sales pitch for Football New Brunswick. Bob Giffard will give contact information to both P.E.I. and Halifax for lottery licenses.  

Ontario Football League – Steel City Patriots and Canadian Senior Football Championship

Football New Brunswick will not sanction any games against teams that are not affiliated with their respective football associations.

Constitution Amendments, Changes to By-Laws and Special Rules: Expansion Rule

Bob Giffard proposed that no expansion team may take an area occupied by another team unless a vote passes unanimously. Bob Giffard withdrew proposal.  

Election of 2012 Executive

2012 Executive will be the same as 2011. All previous members reoffered and no nominations from the floor. Mark Crandall was appointed the position of Director of Marketing.  

Proposed Budget for 2012

Motion by BG, seconded by JE to approve the 2012 league budget as presented by Secretary-Treasurer Terry McIntyre. Motion carries. Team deposits will be $3,300 for 2012.  

2012 Schedule

Jamboree tentatively scheduled for Saturday May 12th, 2012.  

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 3:30 pm by JE, seconded by TL. Motion carried.

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