Maritime Football League
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2014 MFL AGM Minutes
Moncton Football Association Building, Rocky Stone Field,
Moncton, N.B.
March 1, 2014 –10:00 am  

Meeting called to order at 10:15 am by Commissioner Eric Sabean.  

Certification of Voters:

Moncton Mustangs: Greg Kinsmen–GK

Capital Area Gladiators: Bobby McIntyre–BM

PEI Privateers-Chris Mutch-CM

Saint John Wanderers: Scott McNamee–SM

Halifax Shockers: No representative in attendance

Moved by CM, seconded by BM to certify the 4 voters above. Motion carried.  

Motion to adopt the agenda by CM, seconded by BM. Motion carried.  

Motion to approve minutes from 2013 AGM by CM, seconded by BM. Motion carried.

Executive Reports:  

Commissioner’s report by Eric Sabean: League needs to make player safety its number one priority. Otherwise its future is in doubt.

Financial report by Secretary-Treasurer Terry McIntyre: League had $4,675 in its bank account at the end of 2013.

No Conference Presidents or Officials Liaison in attendance, so no reports tabled.

Motion to approve Executive Reports by SM, seconded by GK. Motion carried.  

Team Reports

Saint John Wanderers: Team has players working out in the gym and money in the bank. Optimistic about the future. Plans to buy gear for the team.

Capital Area Gladiators: Have seven recruiting coordinators looking for players. Good results so far. Hope to have close to 40 player roster at start of season. 

Moncton Mustangs: Status quo for the team. Coaching staff will be the same. Some small bills still owing. 

P.E.I. Privateers: No unpaid bills. All coaches returning. Player numbers for upcoming season look good.

Motion to approve Team Reports by GK, seconded by SM. Motion carried.  

Motion to declare Halifax Shockers "Not in Good Standing" with the MFL:

Whereas the Halifax Shockers:
1-Did not pay league fees on time in the last two seasons.
2-Forfeited a game in each of the last two seasons
3-Had a player suspended for abusing a game official in 2012.
4-Had a player suspended indefinitely for a deliberate attempt to injure another player in 2013.
5-Head coach of the team launched personal attacks against the Commissioner and league founder on Facebook.
6-Team culture is not in synch with the MFL Code of Ethics.

Motion to declare Halifax Shockers "Not in Good Standing" with the MFL by SM, seconded by CM. Motion carried unanimously.

Paul Moore represented the Shockers in a phone call regarding this motion. It was agreed that the team would have until March 31 to come up with a plan that would be presented to the League Council for consideration in reversing the "Not in Good Standing" motion. Part of the plan would be having a new head coach in charge of the team to deal with the issues identified in the motion.

Constitution Amendments, Changes to By-Laws and Special Rules:

The following By-Law changes were presented for approval, changes high lighted in yellow:

·      The League Deposit is $3,300 per member team. All team fees are due June 1. Any team having an unpaid balance as of June 30 will not be permitted to play any more games until all outstanding fees have been paid.

Motion to approve by CM, seconded by SM. Motion carried.  

b.      Unsportsmanlike conduct or violation of the Code of Ethics on the part of any team, team official or any individual
      player will be dealt with by a Discipline Commissioner appointed by the League Council. If there is no Discipline     
or they are unable to serve then the MFL Commissioner will rule on the matter
. The offending           
     person or persons may be subject to suspension. Each team shall be held responsible for the conduct of its players
    and its staff, whether individually or collectively. The Discipline Commissioner or MFL Commissioner may,
    if  they deem  it beneficial to the MFL, suspend any team personnel. All decisions of the Discipline Commissioner or
    MFL Commissioner
 can be appealed to the League Council

     Any team personnel ejected from a game will be automatically  suspended for the following game. Any appeals of        
    such suspensions must be submitted to the MFL Commissioner no later than noon on the Monday following the        
    game. All evidence supporting the appeal is due no
later than noon on the Tuesday following the game.  

Motion to approve by CM, seconded by BM. Motion carried.  

Any player ejected from a game for the second time in the same season is subject to minimum 2 game
     suspension.  Any player ejected from a game  for the third time in the same season will be automatically
     suspended for one calendar year. 

    Any ejected player must remove his uniform and leave the team's bench area immediately.

     Any suspended player is not permitted on the field during the team's pregame warm up or in its bench area during        
     the game.  

Motion to approve by SM, seconded by GK. Motion carried.    

Election of 2014 Executive

Commissioner: Eric Sabean
Secretary-Treasurer: Terry McIntyre
Deputy Commissioner, President-East: Chris Mutch
Deputy Commissioner, President-West: Jamie Edwards

Proposed Budget for 2014

Motion by SM, seconded by CM to approve the 2014 league budget as presented by Secretary-Treasurer, Terry McIntyre. Motion carried. Team deposits will be $3,300 for 2014, the same as 2013.  

2014 Schedule

A draft 4 team schedule was presented with the season starting on May 30 and concluding on July 26. Several minor changes to the schedule were agreed to. Terry McIntyre is to make changes and send revised schedule to Eric Sabean to forward to teams. A 5 team schedule will be constructed if Halifax is readmitted to the league in April.

Motion to approve draft schedule with changes by SM, seconded by CM. Motion carried.  

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:00 pm by SM, seconded by GK. Motion carried.

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