Maritime Football League
Bulletin Board

2015 MFL AGM Minutes
Moncton Football Association Building, Rocky Stone Field,
Moncton, N.B.
February 14, 2015 –10:00 am  

Meeting called to order at 10:15 am by Commissioner Eric Sabean.  

Certification of Voters:

Moncton Mustangs: Chris Gaines–CG

Capital Area Gladiators: Bobby McIntyre–BM

PEI Privateers-Chris Mutch-CM

Saint John Wanderers: Scott McNamee–SM

Moved by CM, seconded by SM to certify the 4 voters above. Motion carried.  


Motion to adopt the agenda by CM, seconded by BM. Motion carried.

Motion to approve minutes from 2014 AGM by CG, seconded by SM. Motion carried.


Executive Reports:  

Commissioner’s report by Eric Sabean: 2014 had zero player ejections during the season. All teams paid their league fees without having to be threatened with ineligibility for the playoffs.

Financial report by Secretary-Treasurer Terry McIntyre: League had $4,332 in its bank account at the end of 2014.

No Conference Presidents or Officials Liaison in attendance, so no reports tabled.

Motion to approve Executive Reports by SM, seconded by CG. Motion carried.

Team Reports

Saint John Wanderers: Team has money in the bank. Has an “alumni” group and is active in the community. Will be playing home games at Shamrock in 2015.

Capital Area Gladiators: Recruiting hard for upcoming season. Relationship with Red Bombers is the best it has ever been. All bills from 2014 have been paid.

Moncton Mustangs: Status quo for the team. Coaching staff will be the same. Some small bills still owing. Will have field issues because of FIFA women’s world cup.

P.E.I. Privateers: No unpaid bills. Got money from Kraft. Player numbers for upcoming season look good. Relationship with HC is improving.

Motion to approve Team Reports by CM, seconded by BM. Motion carried.

Application by Halifax to join the MFL:

Alan Wetmore was in attendance to seek admission to the league by a new team from Halifax. Dalhousie Tigers have agreed to provide equipment. Home games will be at Wickwire Field. Promise was made that this team would not conduct itself like the Halifax Shockers.

Motion to give Halifax tentative admission to the league provided that all operating issues had been taken care of by March 31.
Motion by SM, seconded by BM. Motion carried.

Constitution Amendments, Changes to By-Laws and Special Rules:

Proposal to adopt NCAA Targeting Rule penalty for any player penalized under Rule 7, Section 3, Article 16 re Unnecessary Roughness committed against a player in a “defenseless posture”. In addition to the standard 15 yard penalty the following will apply:

For fouls committed in the first half, player is disqualified for the remainder of the game.
For fouls committed in the second half, the player is disqualified for the remainder of the game AND the first half of the next game.

Motion to approve by BM, seconded by CM. Motion carried.    

Election of 2015 Executive

Commissioner: Eric Sabean
Secretary-Treasurer: Terry McIntyre
Deputy Commissioner, President-East: Chris Mutch
Deputy Commissioner, President-West: Jamie Edwards  

Proposed Budget for 2015

Motion by SM, seconded by CM to approve the 2015 league budget as presented by Secretary-Treasurer, Terry McIntyre. Motion carried. Team deposits will be $3,300 for 2015, the same as 2014.  

2015 Schedule

A draft 5 team schedule was presented with the season starting on May 23 and concluding on July 25.

Motion to approve schedule by CM, seconded by SM. Motion carried.  

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:00 pm by SM, seconded by BM. Motion carried.

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