Maritime Football League
Bulletin Board

2016 MFL AGM Minutes
Greater Moncton Football Association Building, Rocky Stone Field,
Moncton, N.B.
March 5, 2016 –10:00 am  

Meeting called to order at 10:20 am by Commissioner Eric Sabean.  

Certification of Voters:

Moncton Mustangs: Chris Gaines–CG

Capital Area Gladiators: Bobby McIntyre–BM

PEI Privateers-Chris Mutch-CM

Saint John Wanderers: Scott McNamee–SM

Moved by CM, seconded by SM to certify the 4 voters above. Motion carried.  


Motion to adopt the agenda by SM, seconded by CG. Motion carried.


Executive Reports:  

Motion to approve minutes from 2015 AGM by SM, seconded by BM. Motion carried.

Commissioner’s report by Eric Sabean: No major problems during the season. Will stay on as Commissioner.

Financial report by Secretary-Treasurer Terry McIntyre: League had $4,062 in its bank account at the end of 2015.

No Conference or Officials reports presented.

Motion to approve Executive Reports by SM, seconded by BM. Motion carried.

Team Reports

Saint John Wanderers: Status quo. Alpine and Dominos major sponsors. Player numbers are good. Phil McGarvey back as head coach.

Capital Area Gladiators: Recruiting hard for upcoming season. Relationship with Red Bombers is the best it has ever been. KIA is major sponsor.

Moncton Mustangs: Jason Terris is taking over as head coach. Molsen is major sponsor. Brian Agnew Memorial Trophy created. Games at Rocky stone or Woody Hayes. Will have first Hall of Fame dinner.

P.E.I. Privateers: Terry Allen has retired and moved to Alberta. Vern MacIntyre returning. Richard Lush is recruiting. Ready to go.  

N.S. Buccaneers: No report as nobody in attendance.

Motion to approve Team Reports by CG, seconded by SM. Motion carried.

Constitution Amendments, Changes to By-Laws and Special Rules:  

New By-Law:

3q  All teams must have a "Team Conduct" coach at every game. This coach cannot be a player, either active or injured.
    The Team Conduct coach is charged with ensuring that the team's players show respect for their opponents both
     physically and verbally. Prior to each game the Team Conduct coaches will meet together with the referee to make sure
    that the MFL's Mission Statement is given top priority during the game. All Team conduct coaches must be approved by
    the Commissioner. All Team Conduct coaches must be submitted to the Commissioner two weeks before first game.   

Motion to approve by CM, seconded by CG. Motion carried.   

Change Special Rules to: No overtime during regular season.

Motion to approve by CM, seconded by CG. Motion carried.   

Change Special Rules to: Adopt 35 point Mercy Rule that is now in Rulebook.

Motion to approve by CG, seconded by BM. Motion carried.    

Reduce Privateers league fee by $400 to help cover bridge costs.

Motion to approve by CM, seconded by CG. Motion carried.   

Election of 2016 Executive

Commissioner: Eric Sabean
Secretary-Treasurer: Terry McIntyre
Deputy Commissioner, President-East: Jamie Gosbee
Deputy Commissioner, President-West: Chris Gaines  

Proposed Budget for 2016

Motion by BM, seconded by CM to approve the 2016 league budget as presented by Secretary-Treasurer, Terry McIntyre. Motion carried. Team deposits will be $3,300 for 2016, the same as 2015.  

2016 Schedule

A draft 5 team schedule was presented with the season starting on May 28 and concluding on August 6.

Motion to approve schedule by CM, seconded by BM. Motion carried.  

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:00 pm by SM, seconded by CG. Motion carried.

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