Maritime Football League Championship
The "Maritime Bowl" Game

        In 2002 a Maritime Championship game was arranged between the champion of the then New Brunswick Senior Football League and the champion of the Nova Scotia Senior Football League. Terry McIntyre, one of the founders of the NBSFL, donated a trophy for the winner of this game. In 2005 the McIntyre Cup was adopted as the championship trophy for the newly formed Maritime Football League.

                                         The McIntyre Cup                                       Outstanding Player Awards



XVI 2017 Moncton Mustangs 43 Saint John Wanderers  23 Saint John, N.B.
XV 2016 Saint John Wanderers  47 Moncton Mustangs 21 Saint John, N.B.
XIV 2015 Saint John Wanderers  36 Nova Scotia Buccaneers 29 Saint John, N.B.
XIII 2014 Saint John Wanderers  48 Capital Area Gladiators   7 Quispamsis, N.B.
XII 2013 Saint John Wanderers  49 Halifax Shockers   20 Quispamsis, N.B.
XI 2012 Halifax Shockers   45 Saint John Wanderers  6 Saint John, N.B.
X 2011

        No champion- game winner failed to pay all of league dues

Moncton, N.B.
IX 2010 Moncton Mustangs 29 Dartmouth Knights 10 Moncton, N.B.
VIII 2009 Riverview Mustangs 16 Halifax Shockers   7 Riverview, N.B.
VII 2008 Riverview Mustangs 21 Saint John Wanderers  13 Riverview, N.B.
VI 2007 Riverview Mustangs 23 Halifax Shockers   0 Riverview, N.B.
V 2006 Saint John Wanderers  52 Dartmouth Knights 26 Saint John, N.B.
IV 2005 Saint John Wanderers  28 Dartmouth Knights 18 Halifax, N.S.
III 2004 Moncton Marshals 30 Halifax Shockers   3 Moncton, N.B.
II 2003 Saint John Wanderers  50 Halifax Shockers   12 Halifax, N.S.
I 2002 Halifax Shockers   21 Saint John Wanderers  19 Hampton, N.B.